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Design and Engineering

Communications Infrastructure Design is a process where every aspect of installing a communications cable plant is documented in a consolidated, summarized, easy-to-read format. Deliverables include a detailed bill of materials, diagrams of the proposed system and the services required to implement the cabling system. Design services include traditional data, telephone, video, security and related communications cabling systems. Planning Data Centers, Telecom Rooms and pathways for interconnecting floors and buildings are also included in these services.

Consultation and Planning

Information technology is evolving and changing at a much faster rate than other essential building systems, such as electrical, HVAC and plumbing disciplines. Consequently, many organizations have been slow to recognize the rapid progression of very high-speed networks, and continue to support outdated or obsolete communications cabling systems to support device connectivity in the enterprise. Cablocity assists with planning and developing a strategy to implement the newest generation communications cabling systems, associated hardware and software.

Implementation and Project Management

Cablocity provides all materials, labor and project management services for a "turnkey" cabling infrastructure implementation. We represent the client to interact with the building owner, architect, general contractor and other trades necessary for a successful project execution. Deliverables includes as-built floor plans and related architectural drawings, and Cable Locator Charts and in both hardcopy and softcopy, so that moves, additions and changes can be documented when they occur.

Troubleshooting and Testing

Network analysis and testing equipment, combined with the experience and knowledge of our technicians, provide our clients with a valuable diagnostics and proactive planning service for the maintenance and growth of their networks. We take testing very seriously Comprehensive documentation of all test results assures that material, workmanship and performance meet the highest standards.